Heather “Heff” Connor (n): compulsive singer, habitual movie-quoter, and random dancer; enjoys the occasional adult beverage

I was one of broadcastings most valuable interns (in my humble opinion). I interned at SiriusXM for the likes of Martha Stewart, The Great Opie and Anthony, and at 103.5KTU “the beat of New York.”

Then by some magical twist of fate I was brought into the life of Zach Sang and his show “Zach Sang and The Student Body” where I interned for over a year (I just kept showing up and nobody had the heart to tell me to leave).

Now, I am a member of the “Gang” and even though I loved working for free, I’m super stoked to have my first real radio gig with these ridiculously awesome people.

Zach Sang | Shelly Rome | Eddie Finocchiaro  | Dan Zolot